giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Waiting for God(?)ot (2)

Talking about the secondary characters, there are two main couples in the drama: Pozzo and Lucky, Vladimir and Estragon. They are indivisible but very different couples, who share the same destiny and live exiled in the same reality, the reality of desesperation. The latter is, in fact, grey, Beckett’s favourite colour, absurd and arid, because everything will get to its end, everything is useless and meaningless, but man has nothing else to do but going on gropingly in the darkness. This is a crucial point for Beckett’s drama: the author perfectly knows that everything in meaningless, but he can’t stop living, just like Vladimir and Estragon or, in a certain way, Pozzo and Lucky do. The latters are in fact puppets, who are used by the author to show the time passes because they are the only ones who go out the scene, but who haven’t any importance in the development of the action or a precise role, which is rather obscure in the global view of the drama. Some critics have seen in Pozzo the figure of the capitalist and in Lucky the one of the abused proletarian. Others, in the moment in which Lucky is motionless in front of the willow with the slipknot on his neck, have seen the image of Christ. Well, just one thing is for sure: no one will ever know their real meaning inside the drama

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