martedì 3 settembre 2013


poem II, from L’Ultima Passeggiata

The skylark spirals upwards out of sight
Into the dawn, singing from above
A house where smoke scrolls up, then melts in light.
From above, his distant lark’s eye watches white
Oxen in pairs criss-cross the field and leave
Broad acres ploughed, each furrow dark and straight.
In the black damp field, the turned, share-brightened ground
Shines in the sun like sunlight in a mirror.
Harvest and sheaves are on the farmer’s mind,
A cuckoo’s call re-echoes in his ear.

* Poesia dedicata dal grande poeta irlandese Séamus Heaney, premio Nobel per la letteratura,
  all'associazione culturale Tonalestate nell’estate del 2012.

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