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Qualandiya international, arte e vita in Palestina. Biennale Palestinese

Mohammed Hawajri
The Jerusalem show project.

Mohammad Al-Hawajri was born in Bureij refugee camp in the Gaza Strip in 1976. In 2000, he participated in the Summer Academy held at Darat al Funun, the cultural division of the Khalid Shuman Foundation, and won first prize during the closing exhibition. In 2008 he participated in the Jerusalem Show “Outside the Gates of Heaven” (Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art); the International Biennial of Alexandria; and the symposium “Mediterranean in Art Waves of Emotions” in Pescara, Italy. His works have been displayed in Palestine, Britain, Italy, Jordan, France, and Switzerland. Al-Hawajri is a founding member of Eltiqa Group for Contemporary Art in the Gaza Strip.

Artwork Synopsis
M43, 2009
44 watercolor drawings on paper

The scenes in the drawings are moments of micro-resistance, gestures that subvert the relationship between the occupier and the occupied. They almost function as a diary of daily fictitious and real events; the landscape is empty as if suspended in the imagination of a child playfully weaving subversive situations. The scenes progress like a film, with a laughing turtle that appears at times as a soldier's helmet and at other times as a panicked soldier.

 Qualandiya international:

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