martedì 7 maggio 2013

Ostrich Pillow, Studio Banana Things

What Is it: The Ostrich Pillow, a pillow that goes over your entire head to help you nap anywhere, any time.
Price and Where to Buy: $99 at Studio Banana.
Pros: You definitely won't have to worry about a chatty seatmate if you're wearing this on a plane or train—people will be sure to give you a wide berth. It's also surprisingly cozy and good at blocking out light and noise. The holes give you a place to rest your arms, and you could use it to sleep face down on a tray table (if the person in front of you hasn't reclined) in coach. The sweatshirt like material cover is warm and comfortable.
Cons: Nothing screams "rob me" like essentially wearing a bag over your face while in public. You'll have no peripheral vision while wearing this, so you won't be able to spot any danger coming your way. Also, you'll be sure to attract lots of attention (probably not the good kind) while wearing this. Although the pillow is squish-able, it will still take up a lot of space in your carry-on, so it's not ideal for travel.

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