sabato 2 giugno 2012

Douglas Gordon at Art Unlimited, Basel

Gagosian Gallery is proud to present Henry Rebel: Drawing and Burning (2011), a major film installation on two screens by Douglas Gordon.

Gordon is a conjurer of collective memory and perceptual surprise whose tools include the everyday commodities of popular culture: Hollywood films, found scientific footage, photographs of rock-stars, or poetic and ambiguous phrases. Into a diverse body of work--which spans video and film, sound, photographic objects, and texts both as installation and printed matter--he infuses a combination of humor and trepidation to manipulate reactions to the familiar.

Henry Rebel: Drawing and Burning is Gordon's response to a proposal by James Franco to create a work based on the classic 1955 film "Rebel without a Cause." Henry Rebel features actor Henry Hopper, whose father Dennis made one of his first appearances in the original film alongside James Dean. In Gordon's film, Henry Hopper enacts two scenarios which were part of the original film's screenplay, but never shot. In the first, he engages in a disturbing improvised performance of a man burning alive. In the second, he repeatedly draws on his own body with a red marker; an affected eradication of the body's surface reflecting a desire to obliterate the self.

This year's Art Unlimited sector will for the first time be curated by Gianni Jetzer, Director of the Swiss Institute in New York. The sector will feature 62 projects by artists representing a cross-section of the leading figures from several generations of today's international art scene. Many pieces have been created especially for Art Unlimited and are marked both by their ambition and the relative youth of the artists creating them. The new curation will also be expressed in a very new design and architecture for the sector.

In the 17,000-square-meter exhibition space of Hall 1, Art Unlimited offers artists and galleries a platform for works that surpass the possibilities of the conventional gallery booth, showcasing outsize sculptures, video projections, installations, wall paintings, photographic series, and performance art.
Since its launch in 2000, many of the world's leading contemporary artists have exhibited in the Art Unlimited sector, which is generously supported by UBS. The number of projects proposed by gallerists for this edition increased significantly, signaling the importance of these works and the sector, a third of those proposals were selected for this year's edition.

This year, works by artists including Jeremy Deller, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Hamish Fulton, Gilbert & George, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Tristan Bera, Douglas Gordon, Roni Horn, Anthony McCall, Ryan McGinley, Bruce Nauman, Mike Nelson, Olaf Nicolai, Richard Phillips, Walid Raad, Ugo Rondinone, Sterling Ruby and Franz West will be on show.

Projects by the artists have been chosen by the Art Basel Selection Committee.

Art Unlimited and Art Statements VIP Opening
Monday, June 11, from 4pm to 7pm
By invitation only 

Public days
Thursday, June 14, 2012 to Sunday, June 17, 2012
From 11am to 7pm

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