mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

CHICO by Atelier KUU

Nobuo Kumazara, of Atelier Kuu, is the architect and designer behind many serene and modern spaces from beauty salons, chapels, dentist offices and CHICO – a store created for people and their design discerning pooch. Created with dogs in mind, the dog house motif is incorporated throughout the store located in Shizuoka, Japan.
CHICO/in store
CHICO/shelf CHICO/dog way
Truly designed with the dog in mind, it has a doghouse shaped portal out to a grassy area where your dog can run around or relax while its owner finishes the shopping.
CHICO/in store
CHICO/in store 2
This isn’t Atelier Kuu‘s first work for pets –  BOWWOWLAND is a pet hotel created back in 2006. As an architectural and dog buff, this is a perfect match for ‘man’ and “man’s best friend.” I’m looking forward to Nobuo Kumazara’s next pet and human friendly work.
[pictures courtesy Atelier Kuu]

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