mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Waiting for God(?)ot 3

Vladimir and Estragon have a foundamental importance because they are the only ones who make the story go on, waiting for Godot. Even if they are very important in the drama, it’s impossible to consider them its mail characters because there isn’t a real action by them, they do nothing, they only wait and speak. Like all Beckett’s characters, they are insensible, motionless, unable to take decision and to leave each others because they are complementary. Vladimir is the active person, but he is afraid of solitude; Estragon is more thoughtfull and absent; they can’t live alone, they even say it, they complete each other. The two personality find a perfect harmony with their social condition, they are tamps and live day by day, without any physical or moral reference point and their life is a “play”. The are compelled to lay a role because their condition is absurd and clownish. Being actors of their life, Vladimir and Estragon leave an halo of uncertainity on their real existence. They are exiled from reality so no one can say if they are really in flesh and bones such as no one can say if Pozzo and Lucky are real or Vladimir and Estragon’s imaginations. What makes Vladimir and Estragon even more unreal is Godot’s messenger’s entrance in the second act. Only one has passed, the place isn’t changed, and so the person but the messenger says that he doesn’t recognize the two characters. Their evanescence reflects modern man’s reality according to Beckett: an absurd and desertic reality, a complete annihilation. World is destroyed as by the effect of an atomic bomb. In a reality, which seems not to exist, it’s evident how Vladimir and Estragon act without knowing the reason why they live, communicate with unfinished and meaningless dialogue, aren’t able to agree about anything. Their life is limited to an endless waiting, which doesn’t allow any happiness. The waiting would finish only if time wouldn’t exist. Vladimir and Estragon’s life is simply waiting for Godot.

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