domenica 17 aprile 2011


REZA ABEDINI IGDS / AGI Born in 1967 Tehran, Iran Graduated in graphic design from the school of Fine Arts, 1985 B. A in Painting from Tehran Art University, 1992 Professional career as graphic designer since, 1989 Founded Reza Abedini Studio, Tehran 1993 EXHIBITIONS: Film Poster, Tehran 1993, 94, 96 | Biennale Tehran, 1991, 99, 03 | Cultural Posters, Qeshm Island, 1998 | 4th Generation, Tehran1998 | Self-promotional Posters, Tehran, Iran, 2001 | In the Opposite Direction, Iran, Solo, 2001 | In The Beginning, Iran Solo Exhibition, 2001 | Return, Iran, Solo, 2002 | Answer?, Solo, 2002 | Brno | Hong Kong | Korea | Warsaw | Paris | Qazvin | Japan | Echirolles | Toyama | Trnava | China | Ukraine | Colorado | Essen | Choumont | Istanbul | Beirut | Doha ... AWARDS: First Prize: best film poster of Fajr International Film Festival Iran 1993-94-96 Film Critics Special Award for the Best film poster Iran 1994 I R I B’S Special Award: The Best film poster, Iran 1996 3rd Award: poster, The 6th Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers, Tehran 1999 Special Award: Creativity from Iranian Graphic Designers Society, Tehran 1999 Special Prize: China International Poster Biennale China 2003 Honorable mention: 13 Colorado international poster exhibitions USA 2003 The Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic Award, Brno 2004 Second prize: 15th Festival d'affiches de Chaumont France 2004 Gold Prize: Hong Kong International Poster Triennial Hong Kong 2004 First prize and gold medal: 8th International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico 2004 Silver Prize: Second international poster Biennale Korea 2004 First prize: The First international Biennale of the Islamic world Poster Iran 2004 Bronze Medal: The 2nd China International Poster Biennial CIPB China 2005 First prize: 9th Press Festival of Children & Young Adults Iran 2005 ACTIVITIES: A member of Iranian Graphic Designers Society, 1997, A member of Alliance Graphique International (AGI) 2001 The Supervisor of the cultural committee of I.G.D.S, 1999 Writer and Critic in the field of Visual arts since, 1990, Editor of the visual Section of Sureh monthly magazine, 1992-1993, Managing director and editor-in -chief of Manzar, Occasional Pictorial magazine BOOK: The Prophet by Khalil Jibran, Iran, 1997 Manzar Pictorial Book, Iran, 1999 The Art of Print, The textbook of Iran Art Schools, Iran, 2000 Qeseye Kutuleha va Derazha (A Tale of Dwarfs and Lankier), Iran, 2000 Autobiographic, A Selection of works, Iran, 2002 In The Beginning ..., Selection of works, Iran, 2003 REZA ABEDINI, Design & Designers, PYRAMYD, France, 2004 TEACHING: From1996 Graphic design, Visual Design, Printmaking, Poster Design, Typography, type and image in Tehran University, Fine Arts School, Azad University, Alzahra … | Professor: Tehran University Workshops: ECV France, Paris | Hallo Academy, Holland | Intuit/Lab France, VCUQ, Qatar | LAU, Lebanon | Mimar Sinan, Turkey

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