lunedì 27 giugno 2011

SIAM MAIS (quello che resta...)

I am free
To give my heart freely
With no string attached
To roam, to hurt
To be devastated as I so wish
To be ravished by freedom
My youth
So bound do I knock against her cages
If she holds lock and key

I am free
To give you my heart
This notion suits me, bears weight
What is false and old is no ours to hold
We have never possessed anything true in our whole lives, except maybe each other

I see myself in you and that is a dangerous thing
But is this friendship alive?
Does it breathe when no one is listening?
Does it know when I am sleeping?

Stories can be retold
Until they are polished smooth
I give my heart to you in this story
Because my heart has no end
Billy Corgan, SIAM MAIS (Breaking with Fists, 2004)

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