giovedì 19 maggio 2011

Adán Vallecillo

Born in Danli, Honduras, has a degree in Sociology from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (2009), visual artist and independent curator. He studied art at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, Tegucigalpa, Honduras (1995) and the School of Art, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2000). Since 2003 has been conducting a series of multidisciplinary projects that combine art, philosophy and sociology, both with the support of CPTRT (a Honduran Human Rights working in prisons and neighborhoods) as their own. His artistic career includes dozens of solo and group exhibitions and conferences and workshops in Latin America, Caribbean, Europe and the United States. Has coordinated projects as curator of contemporary art for the Biennial of the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic 2003, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras 2003-2008, Image Art Factory, Belize City, 2003, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, San Jose, Costa Rica 2005 among others. He currently manages and compiles the publication of a book on contemporary art from Honduras, so it is guest curator for the MADC for a sample of contemporary Latin American artists to be held during the months of August and September 2010 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Prizes, Awards and Residencies
Browse by Honduras for 10 M Havana Biennale, 2009. Artist in Residence School of Art, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2007. First Prize, Anthology of the Arts in Honduras 2007. Honorable Mention Museum MARTE, San Salvador, El Salvador, V Central American Biennial of Visual Arts, 2006. Honorable Mention National Gallery of Art, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Anthology of Art, 2002 Third Annual Salon of Painting Place Paul Gauguin French Alliance, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2002. First Prize Art Gallery of the Central Bank Arturo Medrano, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, V National Exhibition of Sculpture and Ceramics, 1995.

San Jose, Costa Rica, Teorética Foundation, San Jose, Costa Rica, Daros Latin America, Zurich, Switzerland, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, New York, Caracas, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano Mola, California, USA, Museum of Art Contemporary Design, Image Factory Art Foundation, Belize City, Belize, Honduran Institute of Interamerican Culture, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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