mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

Nest by UID Architects

photos by Hiroshi Ueda 
The Hiroshima-based UID Architects recently shared with us some of their recent projects. One of the more striking homes I have seen recently is Nest, a single-family residence in Onomichi City, constructed at the foot of a mountain. If you’ll recall some of their older projects we’ve showcased, such as this rad dentist office, you’ll know that the architects have a penchant for bringing the outdoors, in. And I mean that in a literal sense.

Aptly titled “Nest,” the home – in its interconnectedness and open layout – projects a maternal presence upon its inhabitants, whom happen to be 3 very close women; a mother and her two daughters. The structure, completed late last year, consists of a small entrance on the ground, that expands outward into the forest. Much in the same way that a birds nest incorporates the branches that surround it, the home itself appears to have been placed right on top of a tree.

Source: UID Architects’ weblog
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