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Magnum Days Masterclass

June 20 - 22, 2011, Paris, France
Magnum Photos

The Masterclasses:
During the Magnum Masterclass in Paris, students will participate in an intimate 3 days shooting masterclass with their choice of one Magnum Photographers: Antoine d’Agata, Chien-Chi Chang, Bruce Gilden and Eli Reed.
In addition to the dynamic within each class, there will also be ample informal time for cross pollination of viewpoints and commentary with the other teachers as well as the other students.
Each Magnum photographer will lead intimate groups of ten individuals through an intensive program of shooting, daily reviews, group critiques, mentoring, editing sessions and the opportunity to learn amongst peers.
Candidates will spend the three days alongside their selected photographer developing visual language, photographic identity, practical, technical and conceptual skills and the expertise required to compete in a changing marketplace.
Prior to the masterclasses, each accepted applicant will be sent specific directives from their selected masterclass leader.
The Requirements:
The Magnum masterclasses is aimed at photographers who are dedicated to pushing their own personal photographic boundaries. This includes both professional and amateur photographers, but requires participants to arrive ready to work and to take their photography to a new level. Students are required to submit samples of their work for review before being accepted.
The first deadline for acceptance is June 10th, and qualified applicants will be selected through a combination of the merit of their work and their personal statement, and the order of their application's receipt. All applications received after June 10th will be reviewed, space permitting.
Due to the fast pace of the week, participants are expected to arrive prepared to produce and edit their projects digitally. Students must bring their own digital cameras. For those students who would like to shoot film, they may do so but must have all film developed at their own cost and meet all required deadlines. Workshops that do not fill up are subject to cancellation, in the event that the workshop you have selected is cancelled we will make every effort to place you in an alternate group or you will be refunded 100% of your application and workshop fees.
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Chien-Chi Chang / Long term documentary project
Chien Chi Chang: "I will teach you how to pursue a long-term documentary project—along with all of the practices and processes behind it. In every long-term project, there are many ups and downs: the research, the working method, the motivation, the discipline, the fatigue, the fear of failure, the challenge and the renewed challenge. That, at least, has been what I have experienced while doing my “Chinatown” project—19 years and counting— or “Double Happiness,” which is in its eighth year. From the passion to the pursuit to the end product, whether that be a book, an exhibition or a media collage like Magnum in Motion, with sound, stills and moving images, there are many different skills you will need to translate that original concept. I can help you get started on what could prove to be a life-long journey."
From there to the end result; a book (the process of making a book), an exhibition (the process of preparing an exhibition,) and Magnum in Motion (the editing, the thinking in working with sound, stills and moving images...)

Eli Reed / The photographic essay
Eli Reed will work on photographic essays that go beyond the surface of things. The photographic image when used in an essay should touch on more then what is apparent. It should evoke much more then the ordinary surface tension that is deemed acceptable and help the viewer see the history and much larger picture of what is actually there.

Antoine d’Agata / At the limit of the photographic act: an intimate diary
This masterclasses revolves around photography as a means for asserting a personal perception of the world. Looking beyond the purely documentary, images making up a diary or inventory allow their inventor to cut free from the constraints underlying the transcription of objective reality. Antoine d’Agata's concern is to pare down the photographic act to the need to recount ordinary or extreme experiences.
Since images, like words, only take on meaning when brought together, the masterclasses will focus on finding the most relevant form for each individual stance and extend the limits of each participant’s approach. They will have to confront their obsessions and contradictions as they shape a series of images conveying in real or fictional terms their private relationship with the world

Bruce Gilden / Street Photography
Bruce Gilden brings to the workshop his unique style of street photography which has truly become his own over the past 25 years of working in New York City and other urban areas, both in the US and abroad. He will work with the students to teach them how to improve their pictures shot in the streets by best identifying their working “style” for street photography, and aiding them in gaining “street smart” sensibilities necessary to working in any environment- that ability to be in the middle of the scenario, but be unobtrusive.
Tuition: 450€ (does not include travel, accommodations or on the ground expenses). A 100€ deposit is required at the time you submit your application. All fees must be paid within 7 days of acceptance or you will forfeit your space. Refund policies will be emailed with acceptance letter.

Accommodations: Magnum will provide a list of lodging options upon request. All participants will receive a full welcome package before arrival including logistical details on the ground.

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